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Country Barn Mural Park

Mural Location: Pigeon Forge, TN

Our mission working with Country Barn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was to kick off the brand’s new mural park. The Country Barn will feature a large series a murals for residents and visitors to enjoy. The mural painting we created spans 8’ high x 40’ wide and features a variety of animals and iconographer pertinent to Pigeon Forge and the nearby Smokey Mountains Nation Park. Mural concept A plays on the idea of Pigeon Forge being the parkway to the Smoky Mountain National Park. My collage-like style combining bold elements, vivid colors, and abstract patterns creates a bright, detailed and fun mural with movement. The mural itself features native animals, plants, insects and iconography to create a local feel to the mural. The mural features five interactive photo opportunities weaved throughout the composition. Moving from left to right the mural features local flowers breaking way to a Bald Eagle preparing to swoop up its prey. A series of local butterflies fly upwards as a large sign reading Pigeon Forge stands boldly in the center of the mural. Behind the sign we pay homage to the Passenger Pigeon which gave the town is name. The Tennessee state mammal the raccoon hold the Pigeon Forge sign while throwing up a peace sign- His hat reads- " I Heart Smoky Mountains".  A large black bear with striking detail round out the mural all while a native native runs its way through the composition. The mural was developed to be very social media for social media and instagramble for all ages. Five main scenes were developed within the mural for photo opportunities aside the bear, eagle, Pigeon Forge sign, butterfly, and raccoon.

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