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Our mission collaborating with the amazing Jennet Liaw and Strava was to paint office murals for Strava HQ in San Francisco, Ca. Jennet Liaw is an "independent designer slash illustrator living and working in NYC and the internet, respectively." Using artist Jennet Liaw's brilliant design, we painted her illustration to exact specifications requested by the tech giant. The mural spanning 35' wide and 12' tall features a variety of unique icons, symbols, and illustrations in Jennet's unique style. The two murals feature black, White and Strava Orange to read "Connect athletes to what motivates them" a slogan that runs true throughout the Stava San Franciso office employees. Our team painted the interior murals during off-hours to avoid interrupting the workplace environment. 

Mural Location: San Francisco, CA

(San Francisco, Bay area)

Strava Logo.jpg
Strava feature Wall Mural 4.JPG

Mural type: Office Mural, Commercial Murals

Strava feature Wall Mural 3.JPG
Strava feature Wall Mural 2.JPG
Strava feature Wall Mural.JPG
Strava feature Wall Mura 1.JPG
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