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Our Mission working with Telsa was to create a large scale mural painting for their new Palo Alto offices in the heart of Silicon Valley. We replicated artwork developed by the Tesla Design team. The mural titled the “Cyber Bear” pays homage to the Tesla Cybertruck and the California State flag. The mural features a large grizzly bear compiled of earth toned geometric shapes walking up the office staircase. A green grassy scene featuring the same geometric shapes sits on the frontal staircase area while Tesla Cybertrucks- made to look more like fish, fly outside of the bears mouth. The mural painting spans over 20’ tall by 20’ wide in its total capacity and was painted on a quick turnaround time to meet the needs of client.

Mural Location: Palo Alto, Ca

(Silicon Valley)

Sonoma Hills Farm Murals.JPG
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