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We founded MetaFans with our partners to create a one of a kind NFT sports collection that offers unique IRL Experiences and benefits for its holders. 

As the crypto market heated up this past year, some friends decided to get a little bullish with their crypto wallets. Betting their wallets' entire contents on a big game, they lost it all. Desperate to get it back, they built a time machine to go back in time and change their bets. As they turned it on, a Crypto Wallet fell into the machine's Blockchain Capacitor. Causing a ripple effect through the universe. 10,000 Sports MetaFans started replicating until the Blockchain Capacitor burned out.

These Sports MetaFans were given one mission: to gather the most influential and entrepreneurial souls on the planet. They were given precise details of a private location to gather the Diamond Club.

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MetaFans Jock.png

The best seats in the house are always in the owners box. Prestige, privilege and power - that's what awaits you if you are one of the lucky ones who mints an Owners Box Guest NFT from the MetaFans collection. These super rare, one of one's are all completely hand drawn by our founding artist Maxfield Bala.

MFOG The Ape.png
MFOG Satoshi.png

Metapacks are a limited series of 22 super rare hand drawn ones of ones by artist Maxfield Bala found within the FanEpack NFT collection.

METAPACK- BlockChain Punk.png
METAPACK- The Safe.png
MetaPack- The Bull.png

MetaFans will be collaborating with professional athletes, music stars, and gaming influencers. MetaFans community members will receive advanced access to these NFT's and at discount pricing. Current pro athletes and celebs we are working with include:
Dan Marino, Joy Taylor, Jason Taylor, Bravvion Roy, Anthony Rizzo, Josh Hammond & Raheem Mostert.

MetaFan Anthony Rizzo NY V6.png
MFTJ- Dan Marino.png
MFTJ- Raheem Mostert V2.png
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