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How much do mural paintings cost?

We offer competitive pricing in our industry based on the total square footage, wall accessibility, and the overall complexity of the mural design. Due to the unique aspects of each mural projects, we ask for the following information before providing our estimates:

-Mural Dimensions (length x width).

-Idea of the mural design. This can be a verbal description, visual reference, or general style).

-Site Photo. We ask for this information to determine the need for additional equipment like scissor or articulating lifts and to take note of wall obstructions (windows, bushes, trees, etc..)

-Wall materials. We ask for this information to determine the ideal paint and materials as a metal surface requires different primers and paints than a rough stucco or smooth concrete surface.

-The mural's location.  We ask for this information to determine if travel costs are necessary.

Typically our murals cost $25-$60 per square foot dependent on the factors provided above. We offer lower square footage prices for larger scale mural paintings.

Additional costs may be require for concept development, anti graffiti coatings, and UV/ weather resistant clear coats.

How long does it require to paint a mural?


We work around your schedule to paint murals at a time most convenient to you or your business, working off-hours and weekends if need be. We are well versed in completing mural paintings in short time frames at a high level, for example, we painted a 30'H x 110'W mural in five days for Lagunitas in Las Vegas, Ca. Depending on the murals requirements we work with upwards to three talented muralists on our projects to complete our murals in a timely manner. Our typical mural paintings require five days to two weeks and are painted by our lead muralist, Maxfield Bala. Timelines will be provided to our clients dependent on numerous factors including overall mural complexity, available working hours and dimensions.



How long have you been painting murals for?


Our lead muralist, Maxfield Bala has been painting murals for over ten years for dozens of clients across the globe.



We don't have a mural design, can you help us with the design process?


Yes, At Bala Creative we specialize in mural concept development based on the project creative needs, the wall's surface, and the dimensions of the mural wall. From the replication of predetermined artwork to specifications, stylistic interpretations, and designs starting from the ground up we've worked on hundreds of successful mural designs that give our clients a clear vision of the project prior to the painting process. For our clients seeking mural development, we offer this service as part of our mural process or as a singular service. We begin the process through a design discussion, developing a general idea of the mural through this discussion that can include inspiration images, predetermined artwork attributes, fonts, or a verbal description. Based on our design discussions, professional opinions, and the mural wall's dimensions we begin development on two digitally rendered explore concepts. Explore concepts help us steer the mural concept in the right direction both stylistically and compositionally. These concepts will denote revisions and design changes as we continue through upwards of two additional design rounds, altering and changes the mural to meet our client's needs. These design round climate with a final full-color mural concept to specification. This final design provides the client with a very strong idea of the final mural painting and our team with a solid roadmap to work from. While the final color concept never looks as good as the mural painting it looks very close to the final product. This process can vary depending on our client's response times, the project scope, and our project schedule. Here are a few examples of our concept development process and the final mural painting for reference.


Do you paint murals outside of California?


Yes, we paint murals across the county and even internationally with projects painted in South Korea and Mexico. 

How long do your murals last?

We use the highest quality mural materials and techniques to ensure our murals can endure the test of time. From mildew resistant primers, to numerous layers of high quality lightfast paints, and archival clear coats we go out of our way to make each mural shine brighter for longer. Murals are subject to unique climates and levels of weather exposure dependent on the interior or exterior climate, mural positioning, and surface. These variables alter the need for mural touch ups or repainting.

Typically our murals should last for fifteen to twenty years without needing significant touch ups, repairs or repainting.

What is the mural painting process like?


See a complete rundown of our mural painting process here.

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