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Our mission was to develop a unique and creative branding solution for the Pet-A-Llama Comedy Festival. With the Festival operating in a highly competitive industry, we wanted to offer unique promotional items for the festival. We worked in collaboration with Barrel Brother Brewing company to design a fully compliant label showcasing the event with a Pet-A-Llama Hazy IPA. The Beer was ultimately distributed locally prior to the festival as a unique limited-time promotional item. In addition, we developed a series of event posters showcasing the brand mascots, a Llama, chicken, fox, and Salmon. Similarly, illustrating a variant of social media posts to announce the lineup and festival partners which included the Skylar Brothers, Brian Posehn and Dumb People Town. We are proud to say the Pet-A-Llama festival has utilized almost the entirety of our services including our art direction, branding services, and graphic Illustration services.  

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