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Our Mural Process

Commencing the Project

When commencing a mural project, we request basic information from our clients including the size, a project description, and a brief description of the space including the texture of the wall. We highly recommend a complementary mural consultation with one of our artists to discuss your vision for the project, survey the location and take dimensions on our end. Once we have this information we will send over a price estimate and project schedule.​​

Deposit and Contract

Once our clients have approved the price estimate we send over a contract and deposit invoice for the mural project. We require a 50% deposit to cover the purchase of all supplies, materials, equipment and artistic services required to commence the mural project. Once we've received the deposit and signed the contract we commence the image development process.​​

Mural Image Development

At Bala Creative we specialize in the development of murals for artistic collaborations close to the artist's style, stylistic interpretations and the replication of exact images, logos, and artworks. For our clients seeking image development services, we offer this service as part of our mural process or as a singular service. We begin the process through a design discussion, developing a general idea of the mural through our discussions that can include inspiration images. Based on our design discussions, professional opinions and the mural's canvas we begin development on two digitally rendered explore concepts. Explore concepts help us steer the mural concept in the right direction towards a refined round two concepts. After we present around two concepts we accept final revisions and complete the mural image development process with a final full-color concept and mockup. This full-color concept provides the client with a very strong idea of the final mural painting. While the final color concept never looks as good as the mural painting it looks very close to the final product. Our typical turn around for a project without a tight deadline is three weeks with client review and revisions​

Mural Painting

We work around your schedule to paint murals at a time most convenient to you or your business, working off-hours and weekends if need be. We are well versed in completing mural paintings in short time frames at a high level, for example, we painted a 30'H x 110'W mural in five days for Lagunitas in Las Vegas, Ca. Depending on the murals requirements we work with upwards to three talented muralists on our projects to complete our murals in a timely manner. Our typical mural paintings require five days and are painted by our lead muralist, Maxfield Bala.

Our murals are painted with the highest quality mural paints available. Applied by internationally renown muralists using techniques that ensure a high-quality mural painting for your next commercial, advertising or public art project. Murals over 13' in height or in difficult to access locations require lift equipment. We ultimately provide the lift equipment as an additional item listed on the mural estimate.

Final Payment

Once the Mural has been completed we require the final payment or remaining balance within 30 days of the project completion.

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