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Petaluma small works RFP 2018

Over the past year artists Maxfield Bala and Ryan Petersen have developed and proposed an Idea to paint the largest mural in Sonoma County. An over 8000 Sq.Ft. mural on the Keller Street parking Garage in Petaluma, CA. The mural is to be composed of bold colors, California Iconography and our unique artistic styles. We proposed our idea to the PAC in a competitive field of over 70+ artists from around California. Today, I'm proud to announce our proposal has been selected as a top three finalist. While this is mearly a mock up, the final mural would feature realistic animals, sophisticated pattern work and additional iconography. In order to make this a reality we need your help! The final decision will be awarded this December/ January at a Petaluma Arts Committee public hearing. Once the final date has been determined, we ask you to show up and voice your support! More details to come. Let us know what you think!   

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