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Greetings From Oxnard Mural- Oxnard's New Postcard Mural

Our mission working with Visit Oxnard was to paint a large-scale mural for the exterior of the Oxnard Transit Center. The Oxnard Transit Center is within Downtown Oxnard, California and is the hub to Amtrak Trains and local bus routes offering transportation to areas across the state of California and throughout the United States. This hub offers the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting mark to those not only within the community but those passing by and visiting the Oxnard area as well. The mural features an iconic vintage postcard aesthetic with a stylistic twist by our lead muralist Maxfield Bala. The mural spans 40 feet wide and 12 feet tall and was painted using a variety of high quality paints over a multi surface brick wall. We worked with Visit Oxnard to feature iconography most pertinent to the Oxnard area. This iconography landed us with an oceanic base with a parasailed off the coast, waves breaking onto the shore and a beach carrying up to the surrounding mountain range. A sea lion commonly found off Hollywood Beach looks towards the Bold Oxnard Lettering. The Letter O features the Oxnard Pagoda. The X features two luscious strawberries. The N features a Chevy Impala parked outside one of Oxnard's beaches. The A features a sailboat exiting Seabridge. The N features a Channel Island Fox endemic to the Channel Island National Park just off the Oxnard coastline. The D includes a pair of boxing gloves paying homage to Oxnard's world champion boxing legacy. To protect the mural we've applied a high quality UV resistant clear coat to keep the mural looking like new for decades to come. We're excited to see the virility of this mural for those visiting Oxnard and looking to share their time in the area!

Check out the time lapse of this mural come to life below:

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