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Office Murals Make A Powerful Impact On The Workplace

Bala Creative specializes in the painting of office murals. Being from the San Francisco, Bay Area we've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients within the tech industry including social media giants, start ups and hardware companies. These clients often call the City of San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Jose and Mountain View their home. Each company projects a unique brand message seeking to differentiate with a unique take on their forward facing marketing and internal environment for potential client, partners and employees. It's this internal office environment our clients are most often seeking to enhance with a mural painting that expresses a brand vibe, or company message. It's no secret that murals enhance any environment their painted in, an office space just happens to be one pertinent example of this fact. Studies show the murals make a direct impact on office environments. Various studies have shown that offices with artwork and murals increase productivity in the workplace and help reduce burnout when compared to offices who don't possess artwork or murals within the workplace. A study in specific performed by Viking shows that more than half or 53% of workers said having art in the office makes them happier. Another 54% said art should be in every workplace. Arguably a happier employee should translate to a friendlier workplace simply by the addition of art, and in our case a mural painting. These studies in a more broad sense have shown that art in general helps to reduce anxiety and depression. A study by BMC Health involving over 22,500 participants showed that the presence of art showed a decrease in the feeling on anxiety by 71% and a decrease in depression by 73%. Additionally, 78% of respondents in a survey of over 800 employees working 32 major United States companies claimed that artwork in the workplace helped reduce stress. Aside from the positive mental and physical effects that artwork and murals may provide, the aesthetic of murals can communicate a strong message to potential employees, partners, and clients in the workplace. A hand painted mural in the office shows individuals a level of culture, professionalism and passion that surrounds the company. A blank white wall can become a message of empowerment for employees, communicate a culture to the workforce, drive home an aesthetic for partners or promote a level of class to potential investment of partners. Murals show a dedication in a variety of means that other office enhancements cannot. Here are a variety of examples of murals we've painted for our clients offices throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout Silicon Valley.

Strava Office Murals- San Francisco, Ca

Our mission collaborating with the amazing Jennet Liaw and Strava was to paint office murals for Strava HQ in San Francisco, Ca. Jennet Liaw is an "independent designer slash illustrator living and working in NYC and the internet, respectively." Using artist Jennet Liaw's brilliant design, we painted her illustration to exact specifications requested by the tech giant. The mural spanning 35' wide and 12' tall features a variety of unique icons, symbols, and illustrations in Jennet's unique style. The two murals feature black, White and Strava Orange to read "Connect athletes to what motivates them" a slogan that runs true throughout the Stava San Francisco office employees. Our team painted the interior murals during off-hours to avoid interrupting the workplace environment.

BetterHelp Office Mural- Mountain View, Ca

Our mission working with BetterHelp was to create a mural painting for their silicon valley based office in Mountain View, California. The mural for the BetterHelp office is located in the center of their main office on a wall that allows the entirety of their staff to view and interact with the artwork- even from a distance. The painting features abstract pattern work surrounding and a hand painted BetterHelp logo in varying shades of greens. The mural spans 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall and was completed over the course of two days using a series of high quality interior paints. The mural was painted to spec as requested by the team and on a schedule comfortable to the tech office's team. The mural painting replaces the blank white wall with a colorful, energetic and lively composition that we were happy to bring to life. Projects like these help to create an office environment friendly to its employees and prospective clients through an added level of craft and professionalism representative of the brand's core values.

Render Office Mural- San Francisco, CA

Our mission with Render Cloud Technologies in San Francisco, California was to create a mural painting that reflected the companies branding, mission and culture through a series of abstract forms. These abstract forms working together to form movement and depth through a series of transparent overlays and the painting transferred into the secondary wall.

Rivian Motors Office Mural- San Jose, Ca

Our mission working with Rivian was to adapt and paint a creative vision from their in house creative team. A cool base landscape leads to a mountain range and warm sunset made up of dozens of individual lines meticulously laid out. This abstract large scale mural spans over 30' feet wide and 7' tall.

DropBox Office Mural- San Francisco, Ca

Our mission working with DropBox was to help the San Francisco Based tech giant celebrate PRIDE. The interior mural painting for DropBox was painted to spec based on a predetermined design provided by the creative team. The project's main goal was to promote PRIDE week at their San Francisco Headquarters. The 10' x 10' abstract mural painting was painted using acrylics.

Teladoc Health Office Mural- Mountain View, Ca

Our mission working with Teledoc and Betterhelp was to create a mural painting for their San Francisco Bay Area-based office in Mountain View, Ca. The mural features bold Teladoc Health and Betterhelp logos along with the brand's mission statement all atop a monochromatic geometric world map featuring the company's locations from around the world- from Australia to New York, Europe, and beyond! This office mural measures ten feet tall by fifteen feet wide.

No Filter Network Mural- Redwood City, Ca

Our mission working with No Filter Network was to Replicate the No Filter Network logo off the highly trafficked El Camino Real Rd, in Redwood City. We transformed the blank white wall into a bold hand painted advertisment now seen by thousands daily.

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