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10 Amazing San Francisco Bay Area Murals


Our mission working with Electric Scooter Company in San Francisco was to paint a large scale Greetings From San Francisco Mural. Taking inspiration from the classic "Gettings From" postcards of old we adapted the idea into an exterior mural with a modern twist. The outdoor mural features the cities most notable iconography including the Golden Gate Bridge, City Hall, Coit Tower, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Ferry Building, Cable Car, Painted Ladies, Lombard Street, and The Palace of Fine Arts among many others. The letter "S" features the Fisherman's Wharf Sign, the letter "A" features the Painted ladies and the letter "N" features the Palace of Fine Arts. The letter "F" features the Golden Gate Bridge, the letter "R" represents China Town, the letter "A" features San Franciso City Hall, and the letter "N" features Alcatraz. The letter "C" features Lombard street, the letter "I" features Coit Tower, and the letter "S" features the Bay Bridge connecting Oakland and San Francisco. The letter "C" features the Ferry Building and the Letter "O" features SF's iconic Cable Cars. The Letters "C" and "A" features Californias state bird being the quail and state flower being the Golden Poppy. The Greetings From San Francisco mural painted by mural artist Maxfield Bala is open to the public in the iconic Fisherman's Wharf District. The mural measures 13' tall by 18' wide. Remember to tag #greetingsfromSanFran and visit the live webcam as the entire alley is transformed with new mural paintings.

2. Intrepid Mural

Our mission was to create a series of interior mural paintings and sign paintings around the Intrepid Group office in San Francisco to help beautify the space and inspire their employees and clients. With Intrepid leading curated travel services it was ideal that we help bring that adventurous feel to these murals. We collaborated with Intrepid Travel to paint a mural that features the San Franciso based companies most popular travel destination packages. The interior mural painting includes the companies slogan "Change the Way People See the World" surrounded by painted animals, including a polar bear, elephant, and blue bobby. Painted locations including the Taj Mahal, Egyptian pyramids, Havana homes, Golden Gate Bridge and Australia's Uluru Rock. Other mural painting elements include wildflowers like the Golden Poppy and environments from Antarctica, China, Nepal, and Italy. Other installations aside from this interior office mural for Intrepid Travel include sign paintings and an interactive chalk wall mural at the San Francisco office.

3. Jefferson Airplane Mural

Our mission working with the Iconic Jefferson Airplane, Jampol Artist Management and Sony Music were to create an iconic exterior mural painting based on The Airplane's "Volunteers" album. Volunteers was the fifth studio album by American psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane, released in 1969 as RCA Victor LSP-4238 and in quadrophonic sound in 1973 as RCA Quadradisc APD1-0320. The album was controversial because of its revolutionary and anti-war lyrics along with the use of profanity. For the album's 50th anniversary we went back to the band's roots in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District to paint a mural that would celebrate the revolutionary albums cover artwork. Painted on one of our rentable wall locations for advertising murals in the San Francisco area, artist Maxfield Bala spent four days painting this 13'0" H X 36'0" W mural to a variant of requested specifications. Maxfield worked with the band to design the mural around the dimensions of the wall. As a promotional effort, we time-lapsed the mural painting process for future use on social media channels. With thousands bound to see this mural a day, we couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate the album's release and introduce new listers to Jefferson Airplane and their incredible legacy.

4. Belcampo Murals

Our mission was to create a series of Mural paintings for the newly opened Belcampo Meat Co. in San Mateo California. The highly detailed line based murals are influenced by the brand's connection to Mt. Shasta California where the companies farm is based. The large acrylic mural spans 35' feet wide and over 8' feet tall while the secondary mural span 15' feet wide by 15' tall. Along with the murals, are a series of sign paintings found throughout the Belcampo San Mateo location. "Our Farms At The Base of Mt. Shasta!"

5. Sonoma Mural

Our mission working with Public Storage was to create a mural painting that reflected the best of Sonoma Counties culture, industry and iconography. Based off this creative briefing we applied our signature collage style format to paint a 13' tall by 40' wide exterior wall mural. Moving from left to right the mural features a bushel of grapes to represent the Sonoma Wine Country, a trout is seen flipping out of the water, as a dairy cow is seen grazing to represent the counties dairy industry. Our state flower the California Poppy blooms while while the mustard flower, a prominent flower to the region sprout up aside the dairy cow painting. A hot air balloon often found floating in the northern end of Sonoma County sports the word "Sonoma" in bold letters" while an old pick up truck ships wine barrels and a chicken pokes it head out of the right hand side of the scene. The murals elements are all laid upon rolling hills and a blue sky. This realistic mural was painted by mural artist Maxfield Bala a Sonoma County native. This 13' foot tall by 40' wide outdoor commercial mural project was painted using acrylics, latex, and aerosols spray paints. It was ultimately clear coated upon our clients request to protect against UV rays and weather as well as graffiti. The public art mural can be seen directly off highway 101 North heading towards San Francisco, Ca.

6. Bay Laurel Culinary

Our mission was to develop a detailed interior mural for Bay Laurel Culinary's lobby space within their all-new headquarters. The interior mural we were to develop was to feature and incorporate the bay area in the most heartfelt way possible. The owners wanted to incorporate the San Francisco, Bay Area, the suppliers, partners, and the events, locations and personal history that inspires their cuisine and overall mission. The mural painting is a map of the Bay Area and it surrounding areas from Sonoma to Mendocino, Alameda, and Santa Cruz Counties. The mural is packed with dozens of highly detailed images. Some of the notable Images include the Pt. Reyes lighthouse, Oakland Tribune Building, Berkley's Greek Theater, Alameda Cranes, Yosemite's Half Dome, Sacramento Capital Building, Winchester Mystery House, and the Golden Gate Park Windmill. Other elements relating to their culinary suppliers found within the line work mural painting include crab, sourdough bread, Anchor steam Beer, fresh fruits, wines, and cheese platters. These images were painted on a grey background with white line work to create a chalkboard like effect.

7. 2K Games Mural

Our mission working with 2K Games and their motion capture division was to create an interior mural that encapsulated the companies most popular video game titles. We worked closely with the 2K games creative team to develop and design a highly detailed mural painting composition filled with movement, patterns, graphics, and characters. From Stephen Curry dribbling down the court in NBA 2K, to The Rock tackling John Cena in WWE Raw and the Bio Shock Characters ready to leap into action. Other elements found within the mural include mobsters shooting their way out of a heist from Mafia the game, Motion Capture suits, and an Alien from XCOM the game. The 2K Games mural painting was created on a large scale panel for easy movement granted the company changed locations in the future. The mural painting was rendered digitally as pictured below and then recreated using acrylics and aerosol spray paints. This mural painting now hangs in their San Franciso, Bay Area location as a solid reminder of the branches' success.

8. Strava Mural

Our mission collaborating with the amazing Jennet Liaw and Strava was to paint office murals for Strava HQ in San Francisco, Ca. Jennet Liaw is an "independent designer slash illustrator living and working in NYC and the internet, respectively." Using artist Jennet Liaw's brilliant design, we painted her illustration to exact specifications requested by the tech giant. The mural spanning 35' wide and 12' tall features a variety of unique icons, symbols, and illustrations in Jennet's unique style. The two murals feature black, White and Strava Orange to read "Connect athletes to what motivates them" a slogan that runs true throughout the Stava San Franciso office employees. Our team painted the interior murals during off-hours to avoid interrupting the workplace environment.

9. Lagunitas Brewing Co. Mural

Our mission working with The Lagunitas Brewing Company was to develop a promotional mural as part of the brand's Couch Tripping Campaign. We completed this mural within the Brewery,s bottling warehouse location. Beers hustled pass on the conveyer belt as we played down the paint for this mural project, to be used as part of the company's Couch Trippin' beer and musical tour release. The mural features a combination of artist Maxfield Bala's personal style and Lagunitas's set branding features. Ultimately seeing a gigantic armadillo destroying the Lagunitas Brewery and shooting laser beams at the Coach Tripping bus. Within the Bus are the Lagunitas Dog and Little Something Lady hoping to escape the beast as they run down a saguaro cactus. Were thirsty just thinking about this interior mural painting project!

10. Welcome to Petaluma Mural

Our mission working with Public Storage and Terrapin Investments was to create a large scale Outdoor mural project that inspires and wholeheartedly represents the community of Petaluma, California, a small town about 45 minutes north of San Francisco, California. Muralist Maxfield Bala worked with the client to create a modernized version of the classic "Welcome to" postcard as a way to represent the City of Petaluma in a fun, vibrant and creative way. Each letter is filled with local iconography that helps tell a story relative to Petaluma's vibrant history and culture. The letter "P" features the Petaluma Clocktower, Letter "E" features the Petaluma River, Letter "T" features the Petaluma History Museum, Letter "A" features the McNear Building, and Letter "L" features Eggs as part of the town history as the Egg Capital of the world. The letter "U" features the old bank building a Downtown Petaluma fixture, Letter "M" features the Petaluma Grain Elevator and finally, Letter "A" features a chick. The "Welcome to Petaluma" mural is located off Highway 101 North heading towards San Francisco. The 13' tall by 40' mural was painted using a variety of materials including acrylics, latex, and aerosol paints and was sealed with a UV / weather resistant and a graffiti proof clear coat to further protect the exterior mural painting.

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