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How Murals Transform Public Places: Before/ After

It's no secret that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to a home, public area, or business. Applying that same principal to a well painted mural and the results can literally transform an area. The lackluster blank office wall, the old storage shed or the overlooked public area can be turned into an immersive hub primed for social gatherings, and the promotion of ideas. For schools it offers a renewed learning space,. For offices a way to improve the workplace mentality, and for a public area to renew a rough area and promote community values.

Attached below are prime examples of how murals can transform an area:

Sonoma Hills Farm: Before/ After

Penngrove Elementary School: Before/ After

Casa Grande High School: Before/ After

Petaluma High School: Before/ After

Petaluma Mural: before/ after

We hope the before and after pictures help do much of the talking!


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